Wood Chips & Wood

Tree pruning and removal creates both wood chips from chipping branches and wood, and leftover wood. Options for what to do with these by-products include using wood chips as mulch, using the wood as firewood (depending on species) and the environmentally sound practice of using the wood as “woody debris” in site restoration projects. If you are having trees pruned or removed, Ron’s Treecare can help you evaluate options to use the by-products on your own property if you wish. We have also provided natural wood chips and woody debris for homeowners as well as organizations engaged in restoration/reforestation projects in ravines and parkland. If you need wood chips or woody debris, please give us a call.

Woody Debris – uses and environmental/ecological value

  • Habitat – wood on the forest floor acts as a wonderful habitat for a huge range of organisms from plants, to mosses, to insects to small animals.
  • Erosion – woody debris greatly reduces erosion of slopes, especially during extreme weather
  • Sustainability – forests with natural levels of debris are healthier and grow faster than those without.

Natural Wood Chip Mulch – advantages

  • Retain moisture in soil
  • Moderate soil temperature
  • Control weeds
  • Slow to decompose – provide nutrients slowly
  • Natural colour (no dye)

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